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About us

Elsanta AB is a cost-effective business partner to Northern Europe’s fruit & vegetable wholesalers. The company specialises in fresh berries from all over the world and Swedish fruit from Österlen, and it is co-owned by the Belgian cooperative Limburgse Tuinbouw Veiling, which gives us direct access to Belgian fruit and Belgian strawberries. Every year we sell around six million litres of strawberries.

The company was founded in 2004 by Ove and Carina Holmlund. The company is now owned jointly by the LTV cooperative in Belgium and the company’s employees. Elsanta AB currently has four employees and net sales of around SEK 230 million.

Down the years we have built up strong contacts with berry producers in Europe and South America, and we are now one of Sweden’s biggest importers of fresh berries. During the Swedish season we have our own growers of strawberries and raspberries under the brand name bärodlarna.se.

Elsanta owns an orchard in Tollarp, where we grow apples and pears, which are sorted in our fruit packing plant in Vitaby. Find out more at Fruktodlarna.se.